Monday, April 22, 2013

New Media

Media is constantly changing and evolving. It is different and there are jobs that college students are in school for that don't even exist yet. Such as social media jobs that require someone to manage Facebook and Twitter sites for a company.

Changing Times

New media is evolving and changing and will have a great impact on the world. Everything we have talked about in class up to this point and read about, and studied comes down to new media. According to our textbook the definition of new media is the use of digital technology to communicate with a target audience. People that work in the industry are challenged to come up with new media which makes me wonder what will happen in the years to come. 

All of this has happened in the past few years, Web 2.0, mobile apps, smart phone technology and tablets. I wonder what kind of apps we will have this time next year let alone jobs in the industry.

Mobile Media Trends


Mobile media is overtaking our world, it's more common today than it ever has been in our past. We literally have everything at the touch of a button on our phones now, the latest game scores to the newest Facebook friend request. All of it is at the touch of a button on our phones. In some ways I think mobile media is more common than regular internet in today's world. Especially among the younger generation.

Mobile Apps & Internet

On a website I found while researching mobile media it talks about the latest trends in mobile media as well as upcoming "next big things." It also talks a lot about how mobile apps and internet are globally becoming more and more common. Tablets, and smart phones are used more now for research than regular computers. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hatfields & McCoys Campaign

In 2012, the History channel teamed up with Horizon media to create the mini series Hatfields & McCoys that retold the story of the family feud that became an American legend.

Marketing Challenge

They needed a way to "revamp" and emphasize the importance of the 150 year old family feud so that people would actually want to watch it.

Marketing Plan

Horizon media and the History channel used the UFC superfight of the year Cotto Vs. Mayweather to help recreate the Hatfields & McCoys feud. The superfight aired before the show did so they labeled each corner of the fight with a Hatfield or McCoy sign to make it like a feud. This combined with tv advertising, and online advertising was in their plan.


The first broadcast of the show had 52 million viewers making it the most watched entertainment telecast.

Hatfields & McCoys Campaign

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Future of Magazines and Newspapers

Magazine and newspaper advertising are sources that have been around for a long time and carry a high amount of prestige. They remain popular among different genres of audiences and there are many advantages and disadvantages of both.

Advantages/Disadvantages to Magazines

According to the magazine media sheet we went over in class magazines are very visual and eye appealing because of the color schemes and creativity that goes along with the medium. Personally, I am always drawn to looking at the magazines in a checkout line at a grocery store just because of the catchy headline and color scheme. Some of the negatives that go with magazine advertising is a longer lead time, which doesn't always make it the most current source of information.

Advantages/Disadvantages to Newspaper

According to our newspaper media sheet from class, newspapers are thought of with a lot of prestige in a local market. They don't have much competition locally and have a short amount of lead time (specifically the Amarillo Globe News according to which makes them very current. The biggest disadvantage is that they are becoming outdated. Subscriptions are decreasing and the content is easier to find online in one "click" as opposed to waiting to read it in the paper. Currently, online or digital copies of newspaper are more likely than an actual subscription to the physical copy. Personally, I am way more likely to read online to find out news and information as opposed to picking up a copy of the paper.

Both magazines and newspaper are measured by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. It connects advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers to discuss challenges and how to best advertise in their mediums.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Radio and TV remain one of the most popular forms of advertising. According to Bryce Edwards of KGNC, there's 19 commercial radio stations in Amarillo alone. Approximately 97% of people in Amarillo consume radio weekly and for TV it's about 74% consumption. Radio and TV are one of the biggest advertising mediums not only at a local level but also a national level. It still astonishes me at how high the consumption percentages are but it just goes to prove how crucial the broadcast area is to the media world.

Radio and Ratings

Arbitron is the measurement company for radio stations and it is vital because it provides information about the success of each station. It does this through surveys, and charts and various tools in an effort to increase consumption and to help make better advertisements. Radio is a great source for advertisement, it's a cheaper way to promote a product or service however it has one major enemy. The "easy click," or the "channel switch." I am notorious for sitting in my car and only wanting to hear my favorite country songs and as soon as a commercial comes on during my short drive to campus I change the station. That is the one flaw in radio advertising, it is so easy without colorful or visual "leads" to ignore the ad.

TV and Ratings

Nielson is the ratings company for TV and follows certain techniques to measure consumer behavior. Once again, this is crucial in order to determine how to advertise to best reach a certain market. TV's biggest ally is the fact that it has the ability to reach a large market of people with colorful, creative and very visual tactics. In today's culture though, factors like DVR had taken some impact away from commercials and advertisements because it's made it easier to skip over the ads. In all honestly though, I believe that TV is one of if not the best advertising mediums and will continue to evolve with the changing times and remain successful.

Monday, February 25, 2013

OOH and the future

Out-Of-Home media or OOH is a subject we have spent a lot of time discussing lately in class. It mostly included billboards, street furniture, transit and alternatives. According to Brad Tully, president of Choice Media which is located in Amarillo, OOH media is growing at a rate of 8.2% per year which comes in second to Internet which is growing at 11% a year. Additionally, digital advertising is also growing very quickly. The digital aspect of OOH includes primarily digital billboards that can be found in large cities such as LA, and Dallas. Although sadly, Amarillo will not allow digital billboards, formed from the belief that it will be a dangerous distraction for drivers. Personally, I think digital advertising would be a very successful outlet in this area.

Endless Opportunities

I think one of the best things about OOH is that it's very creative and allows room for out of the box thinking and advertising. Especially when it comes to billboards. Choice Media is one of the local businesses in Amarillo that is making large advances in creative advertising.

These billboards are just a few examples of the endless creative options with OOH advertising. 

With digital advertising there is even more room to be creative and develop unique ads. Another benefit to according to marketing, OOH is the fact that it is easier to reach your target market on a 1 on 1 basis and figure out their needs and how to best reach those needs. People can't just turn off the TV or change the radio station it's almost a guaranteed audience.

These reasons and many more are what have helped jump start the excessive growth rate of OOH and the bright future it currently has.